Happy Hips

This year’s retreat season is officially over. Now what? Just kidding. I’ve got sooooo many fun projects to dig into this fall, including much more blogging and lots of QT with my cutie 5 year old. I saw the pumpkins and Halloween paraphernalia out at the store today, and I felt that thrill I always get at the onset of the Fall season. But first up, the fam and I are heading to NYC, our home for many years pre-kiddo, for a little getaway this weekend. Can’t wait to shop, eat, see the Lion King, and best of all, hit Jivamukti for some yoga classes – it was my very first yoga ever. So it’s a homecoming in more ways than one.

A recurring yoga theme this retreat season has been hip openers. They’re important for the other activities we do out here – horseback riding and hiking – and I saw that so many of our retreaters this year were tight in the hips. This can be not just from sitting on your butt, but also from being active if you run or bike. I’m a big believer in hip openers for both physical and emotional benefits. I constantly do pigeon pose, in my yoga practices and on its own, because I can feel other things loosen their grip as my hips let go. One of my first yoga teachers from Jivamukti called the hips “the attic of the body”, and that analogy has stuck with me. So clean out your attic and make your hips happy, here’s my latest mini yoga practice on the Athleta Chi. Namaste.
Photo by Larry Stanley