Happy Horsey Holidays

I’m one of those people who thrives on routine, and it always occurs to me that the holidays are a great time to shake it up and not feel guilty: sleep in, indulge a little (or a lot) more, spend down time with loved ones. I’ve been trying to remember all this, since the last few days have definitely altered the usual routine, particularly my sleep schedule. Husband had successful knee surgery on Tuesday; my main objective is to keep him comfortable, which as you can imagine isn’t just a daytime job. My family was arriving by plane yesterday; poor things were stranded in Denver en route to Bozeman, and their flight finally came in at 3 am. I was waiting for them at the airport. Soooo, I am looking forward to slowing down over the next few days and just letting things find their own rhythm, even if it’s not the one I typically thrive on. It’s all a practice of letting go, isn’t it? Which sometimes brings lovely rewards of its own.

But since I am in need of a little frivolity, I couldn’t resist sharing these happy horsey holiday photos. Yes, I know, Santa hats on horses…but I’m telling you, what a riot! For these pix, RC was not interested…until Janice put the ears on Moose, and then my Dude Boy, Ollie, and RC all stood at attention. She turned Moose loose into their corral, and they all ran for the other side. Dude wanted nothing to do with him and stayed in his corner…the other two boys followed Moose all over the pen, snorting and spooking. Then, Ollie starting eating and RC nibbled Moose’s holiday ears. Even Ollie, who never wants his warty ears touched (who can blame him?), got in the horsey holiday spirit and finally allowed Janice to put a Santa hat on him.

Merry Christmas Eve.