A Yeehaw & Namaste Montana moment

Here’s the picture of me in a handstand next to my horse Dude Boy, our head Cowgirl Yoga wrangler Janice, and Cowgirls vs. Cancer event coordinator Jessica. This photo accompanied the story about our Cowgirls vs. Cancer fundraiser in the Bozeman Chronicle last Friday.

Not only is this picture fun, and representative of the spirit of Cowgirl Yoga – to me it represents a tenet of the experience we offer on our retreats: the horse-human connection. Dude Boy and I have come a long way together; mostly in that he has helped me to expand my understanding of communication, both on a direct and subtle level. He trusts his humans enough to know that even when he sees cowgirl boots flying towards him in a handstand kick-up, everything is fine.

We’ve had quite a few Yeehaw & Namaste Montana moments, Dude Boy and I. I’m hoping to keep ’em coming.