Juil – Tadasana to go

On my yoga retreats, we emphasize not just the importance of connecting to self through our yoga practice – but also how important maintaining a connection to the natural world is. We simply cannot hop onto our mats, which we mostly do indoors, and expect our soul to sing. We need animals, we need nature, we need to get outside; I believe that the awakening we experience in yoga reminds us of this parallel craving. With my background in the beauty industry and product marketing, I was intrigued to find an actual product that touts the benefits of both yoga and connecting to the earth. And it’s a product that I’ve always had an obsession with, despite my affinity for being barefoot – shoes.

So, I recently became an ambassador for Juil. It’s a shoe company that offers earthing shoes – and with earthing being a wellness trend based on the benefits of going barefoot, that seems to be a bit of an amusing oxymoron. Think of how you feel in Tadasana, mountain pose. We often linger here, to ground through our feet. To establish a connection to the earth we are standing on. Juils are like Tadasana to go. They’re the next best thing to being barefoot, grounded and steady in mountain pose. Read How can earthing shoes help you? to learn more.

Alright, alright, I’m really not trying to sell you shoes. But I’ve been doing what I do long enough to know when the shoe fits. If you’re skeptical – you need to try a pair. Recall that perhaps you had the same skepticism BY (Before Yoga), when everyone was telling you about the too-good-to-be-true benefits. Now you’re a believer. So what have you got to lose? We all need shoes.

This from Juil’s Official Guide to Earthing:

…we don’t spend enough time outside. Humans have grown further and further away from the earth’s surface since technology has taken over. This disconnect has created comfort and stability in some areas of our lives, but not our bodies. The human body needs to be connected with the earth…Studies have shown that the simple act of stepping outside and being barefoot has a profound impact on our health and wellness. 

You can’t be barefoot outside very often. And you can’t do yoga all the time. And personally, if I can’t be barefoot outside doing yoga, I want to be doing things that help me feel like I am. Or in this case, wearing things that help me feel like I am.

Juil is offering lots of fun New Year’s promos right now, but in case you miss those…you can always get 15% off with the discount code BIGSKY15.

Photo of me in my Juils in bow pose, by Larry Stanley