Me ski pretty one day

Today was my first day of a four week women’s ski clinic. I’m not sure why I get so anxious about this; it’s a great opportunity to work on fine-tuning my technique. And it’s sure kinder and gentler than skiing with husband, whose technique borders on professional level, and who thinks falling and losing a ski 50 feet from where I fall means I’m challenging myself. But I think I get a little bit of performance anxiety knowing that I’m there to be critiqued, in the name of improving…and I decided that who the hell doesn’t?! It’s tough to accept criticism, no matter how constructive or what the ultimate goal behind it is. I’m convinced that many would-be adult learners don’t try new things, especially sports (or even yoga), because they don’t want to not be good at it. I learned to ski as an adult, and although it’s been many years now, I have not lost touch with my “beginner’s mind” for skiing. It keeps me humble and open to learning. And when I’m doing good, I experience a nice, even-keeled confidence – but have the ability to back off if need be, since I also still possess a healthy amount of fear. Yeah, some days suck and I feel like I’m a beginner again; but there is something about this that keeps me coming back. I think it is the way it forces me to be present and ever aware of what I’m doing. And when it all comes together, wow does it feel good. Kind of like my yoga practice. 

As we watched our instructor demonstrate something, one of the women said she hoped she could make it look that pretty one day. And the rest of the time I had the refrain of “me ski pretty one day” in my head. I like it, it breaks down where I’m at with my skiing. And I definitely think that yoga can help your skiing feel and look pretty; the fourth chapter in my series came out today: Tone your hips & legs with yoga
Happy skiing.