Montana, where the grass is greener

Whoa, here we go! School’s out (well, my daughter’s school is already) and we’re kicking off Cowgirl Yoga season on Thursday with our Cowgirls vs. Cancer retreat. It’s been the usual build up of excitement, anticipation and nerves, plus the fast and furious flurry of activity to get everything ready. As we move into our sixth (!) retreat season, it’s ironic to me that the more I work…the less it feels like work. Have I mentioned lately how much I love what I do?

Last Thursday evening we had our Bozeman Cowgirls vs. Cancer yoga fundraiser, at the lovely Loft Spa downtown. Speaking of nerves, I haven’t taught yoga in a few months…but when you love what you do, it’s like getting back on a bike. Or your favorite horse. Or putting on your favorite pair of yoga pants, that have covered your behind through countless hours on the mat. There we were again, brought together through this thing called yoga. And for a great cause – we raised over $500 in one evening.

On Friday, 7 year old’s last day of second grade, husband picked her up and took her camping to celebrate. Which was impeccable timing, since I treated myself to five hours of yoga workshop, Ashtanga Yoga School of Montana-style, on Saturday. It felt right to fill up the cup before beginning to teach on retreat again. The nadi shodana (nerve cleansing of the Ashtanga second series) didn’t hurt either.

Our wet weather has continued, bathing Bozeman in much-appreciated rain and the higher elevations in snow. It’s looking like a movie set around here, with the lush green grass, snow-dusted mountains and mysterious low clouds. Happy June from Montana, where the grass is definitely greener right now (no Photoshopping took place above).
Yeehaw & Namaste.

Photos by Larry Stanley, our Montana Yoga Photographer