Mulling over lulu

Happy Friday! We got a fresh coat of white yesterday so all is the right in the world. (For now. 10 day forecast calling for sunny and 40s, non-stop. This. is. not. winter.) I am trying to stop obsessing about the weather…bear with me.

Earlier this week, our LUXE Cowgirl Yoga retreat was mentioned in a Lululemon blog post called rad retreats around the world. To celebrate, I did a bit of shopping on the lulu website. I’ve been torn about lulu for the last couple of years for multiple reasons, and expressed that here in 2009. I found last year’s murder at the lulu store in the Washington DC area (my previous home) extremely disturbing. I know it’s not necessarily lulu’s fault, that someone killed someone else over yoga pants, but still. It’s that thorny balance between being yogic and running a business that has tormented me since I went into the yoga business in 2002. So is it wrong that I wanted some of those pants? Or the fabulous “vinyasa scarf” that one of our Winter Wonderland retreaters was sporting last weekend…? I’m mulling that over (although the order has already been placed).
And I don’t want to seem ungrateful for the shout out either, which opened with a line I wish I had come up with: If downward dogs followed by horse canters is your idea of a good time, look no further. When I was in college, I had to take a class in Business Ethics. I’m wondering about the need for a Yoga Business Ethics class in teacher trainings…? And one of the topics for discussion could be, Is it wrong to desire/buy lulu pants? And assigned reading could include Yoga Dork’s ongoing commentary on all things lulu, addressing its business ethics, (at times bizarre) marketing, popularity, and addictive butt-enhancing pants with sharp wit.