My Power Animals

After our last Cowgirl Yoga retreat, I treated myself to a new ring. I was browsing in a downtown Boz gallery that specializes in American Indian art, and was drawn to the jewelry with animal imagery by a Lakota artist named Mitchell Zephier. The animals on the ring all represent power animals for the Lakota Indians, and since I’ve been wearing it, I like to look down and see which ones are turned up and what they might mean for me on that day. Here’s what each symbolizes:

  • Turtle: Symbol of Mother Earth; strength, well-being, perseverance, longevity of life
  • Wolf: Symbol of a guide/teacher; intelligence, steadfastness, protection
  • Eagle: Symbol of wisdom and keen sight; courage, strength
  • Buffalo: Symbol of life; survival, abundance
  • Horse: Symbol of generosity; a journey, swiftness

The ring is named “All My Relations”. There is a Lakota saying, Mitakuye Oyasin, that means All Our Relations. As in, we are all related: people, animals, trees, air, water, stones. We are all linked and connected. Pretty cool concept to consider when the stressful minutia (ie, this week’s sick dogs, potentially broken washing machine, and guys crawling all over our house all day as they tackle the monster project of repainting its weather-beaten exterior) get you down…

Check out the Indian Uprising Gallery.