No VOKE, no prana

Me getting VOKED in Costa Rica!
A popular yoga saying goes, “No coffee, no prana”.  Prana is the vital life force circulating
within us, our breath, energy, and more. We all need help kick starting our
prana, and coffee/tea/smoothies/juice aren’t always available to fuel our fire. Enter
VOKE tabs, smooth, natural energy from leaf and berry.
On retreat, I teach people how
to lead healthier lives. I’m always on the lookout for things that can
support my mission. There’s a lot to choose from (picture the natural
supplement aisle at any grocery store these days – yikes!), and it can be overwhelming
to figure out what’s for real. When I find something that is genuinely
effective, I share it. Last year, we included VOKE tabs in all our retreat
goodie bags. We challenge our retreaters with active days of yoga, horseback
riding, and hiking, so VOKE was perfect to keep them energized and engaged
while embracing our yoga and outdoor fitness focus in the mountains of Montana.
I loved that while encouraging people to physically and mentally challenge
themselves on a long hike or ride, I could offer them a VOKE to boost their
get-up-and-go. And that boost easily fit in their pocket, backpack or saddle
Our yoga retreats are not just a vacation getaway. My goal
is to give our retreaters ideas they can take home with them to support a healthy
lifestyle. Because being healthy is an ongoing effort – it shouldn’t happen only
when you have the time and resources to dedicate to it, like on retreat. We
encourage everyone to make time for yoga when they return home – and in the daily grind, we all need help pushing the prana. VOKE provides a clean boost of energy that
helps get me on my mat, and stay clear and focused during my yoga practice. No
VOKE, no prana.
Try VOKE. Or better yet, join me on retreat and you’ll get some in your goodie bag.