One Week of One-Pose Wonders

Fall has arrived. It often feels more like a new beginning than New Year’s: that lovely chill in the air, back-to-school time, settling down from summer. It also usually means a big shift in daily schedules, which always takes some getting used to. As you acclimate to the changing of the seasons and all the changes that it brings, you might feel time-crunched and unable to fit in a longer yoga practice in between back to work/back to school. Take heart – when you’re craving connection with your yoga mat, a little yoga is much better than no yoga at all. Even if it’s only one pose. Check out my latest yoga tutorial One Week of One-Pose Wonders on the Athleta Chi Blog and start posing!

One-pose wonders are just like they sound — one pose that works wonders. (OK, maybe a teeny bit more than just one, but each pose or sequence takes less than 5 minutes!) None require a warm-up, so each can be done on its own, anytime of day — whenever you need to tap into that uplifting, healing power of yoga but can’t do a longer practice. Each addresses a different part of the body where stress is likely to show up and accumulate, so over the course of a week you’ll hit all the hot spots. And if you have a little more time, you can put them all together for a simple, effective sequence. It may not be 90 minutes of power vinyasa…but it just might do the trick.
Got other one-pose wonders you’d like to share, or have me explore here? Please post in the comments! Namaste.
Pictured: one of my latest one-pose wonder faves, locust pose – works wonders for the low back. Photo by Larry Stanley.