One word: Stonehenge

When husband brought up the London thing last fall, one of the first thoughts to float into my head was one evocative word: Stonehenge. The opportunity for all the stuff I’ve read and shows I’ve seen to culminate in my own personal visit to this mysterious, magical place. I’ve been looking forward to it since we got here; we went this past weekend, with special inner circle access tickets for an early morning visit. (You can no longer walk amongst the stones without these tickets.)

It’s one thing to see ancient artifacts in a museum, and quite another to visit a place such as Stonehenge, where the actual history has happened. You are standing in that spot. If only those stones could speak. There’s visitor graffiti carved on many of the stones (now you are not allowed to even touch them!), and my favorite was the Neolithic dagger and axe (move away from the screen and you’ll see them more clearly in the photo).
Why? When? Who?
So many questions left unanswered at this place. Which is part of its appeal. We also visited nearby Avebury, yet another ancient stone circle and the largest of its kind in Europe. I did a very special handstand there.