Pinch A what?

Today was one of those days that surprised me. I woke up on the uninspired side of the bed, and wondered how I was going to plow through a morning full of activity, including teaching my weekly yoga class at Be The Change. However, I’ve been in this position many a time before when having to teach, and it forces me to be present and open to the energy exchange between student and teacher. On a day like today, I look to receive energy from my students if possible. And the universe presented me with a lovely, lively group of women this morning. I felt SO good after class, re-energized and inspired. We had so much fun breaking down pincha mayurasana, feathered peacock pose, or more simply, forearm stand. Pinch A what?? I was showing the pose to Morgane and that’s what she asked. She’s definitely got pinching on the brain lately, and I unfortunately have been on the receiving end of this quite a bit (we’re working on it). I told her to call it “pinch a peacock”, which I think is a fun blend of Sanskrit and English. Here’s me doing my best pinch a peacock under the Big Sky.