Pink Jasmine Easter

In Missoula with husband’s family for the Easter weekend, and returned to one of my fave places to get lotions and potions, Body Basics. Just like the name says, they are basics – and after a lot of time participating in skincare product development that seemed overly complicated, I love this concept. They offer a limited number of simple body products that you can add a scent to. I felt absolutely indulgent scooping up some honey calendula moisturizer and mint-lime bergamot shea lotion, but my fave is the pink jasmine massage oil I got for Morgane’s evening ritual. I’ve been massaging her almost every night before bed since she was born. There’s this giant selection of essential oils to sniff at the store – but I was immediately drawn to pink jasmine. Nothing else mattered. It’s so, well, Morgane. The name itself conjures up enough gorgeous, yummy images, but let me tell you, the smell is divine too. I’ve decided to make it my mantra for a bit, because it’s just so utterly lovely. When husband woke me up because he didn’t know “what to do” with the stuff for the kids’ Easter baskets…? Said to myself, “pink jasmine” as I rolled over to go back to sleep. When Zuzu our rambunctious six-month old puppy accidently got in the house and beelined for my sis-in-law and infant nephew? Pink jasmine. I can tell this is going to be an effective stress-busting technique already.
Wishing you a Happy Easter, filled with pink jasmine thoughts (or whatever works for you).