Proud & Sad

On a beautiful snowy morning, tragedy struck in Bozeman, Montana. One of our downtown’s favorite restaurants exploded, needless to say affecting all surrounding businesses. The yoga studio I teach at 8 blocks away felt the impact and lost power as students were about to start savasana. A few people are missing. It’s one of those pieces of news that punches you in the stomach and leaves you breathless for hours afterwards. I saw the smoke as I took the dogs out this morning and wondered what happened. I’ve tried to go about my day, but continue to be drawn to the latest updates on the situation. I stepped onto my yoga mat this afternoon with a need to direct some of this sad energy. I keep thinking about the people that got up this morning and started their day not knowing how quickly and horribly things would change. You just never know, do you. All the more reason to remind ourselves that life is precious. 

One of my local FB friends posted on her blog all the ways in which the people here have responded to this tragedy: Makes me proud to live here, which helps with the sadness. Bozeman’s got beauty, brains, and compassion.