One-Pose Wonder of the week: Supta BK

Ready for a bit of restorative yoga? Last week’s One-Pose Wonder was more of a heat-building backbend (the wheel portion of it), this one is a passive backbend that you can hang out in for 10-15 minutes. Got 20? Even better. Wait til you feel the results from just ONE pose! (hence the name.) I especially like this at the end of the day, to transition into a more relaxing mode for evening. The great thing about restorative work is, well, that it’s not really work – you get to lie there and allow the props to support you. And having the support of stuff like blankets and blocks allows you to stay in the posture for much longer, which gives things a chance to really open up and release. Here we go. Thanks to my Boston Terrier Rocco and my daughter Morgane for being my yoga models.

Supta Baddha Konasana with blanket

SBK is a lovely pose on its own, but the blanket just makes heavenly. Use a yoga blanket or towel to make a tight, fairly thick roll (as pictured, with Rocco showing you how it’s done). You can adjust the height by unrolling part of it if needed.

  • Sit at one end of the blanket, placing the roll right up against your tailbone (your butt stays on the floor). Carefully lay your spine down on the roll, keeping your seat on the floor. This is where you may need to adjust the thickness of your roll. If your head is off the roll, place a pillow or a yoga block under it to keep head lined up with spine.
  • You can keep your legs straight, or for more hip opening, bring the legs into BK position by bringing the soles of the feet together so that your knees open out. You can play around with the distance between your feet and hips; the more you bring your feet in, the more hip opening it will be. For less intensity, take your feet further away from your hips. If you have 2 yoga blankets or big books, you can place those under your knees for support.
  • Arms are by your sides with the palms up (backs of hands on the floor).
  • Stay here for at least 10 minutes, keeping your awareness on your breath. When you finish, slowly bend your knees and bring your feet flat, then roll to one side and draw the knees into the chest. Sit up. All done.

Hope you’ll report back, and let me know what other One-Pose Wonders you’d like to see. Namahhhhhhste.