Remembering Rocco

It’s a bittersweet Easter for me. On this day of new beginnings, I am saddened by an ending – the loss of one of our sweet dogs. Last week is such a blur of anguish; our Boston Terrier boy Rocco went into heart failure on Tuesday, and had to be put down on Thursday. I don’t remember the last time I sobbed like I did then. I will be honest, I never thought I would take it this hard. But as husband said, the loss of a pet is a powerful lesson in mortality. I feel like a big chunk of my life just got ripped out of me. It was sudden and sad, and my heart is heavy.

I was touched by the outpouring of sympathy from Facebook friends, many who have been through the same experience. I think I may have gone a bit mad had I not had that connection, and kept turning to it for comfort. Every memory has brought fresh tears and has made me realize just how much our pets accompany us on our life journey. Most of all, I will cherish the memory of how Rocco loved to be near me when I practiced yoga (Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu, by Rocco).

Today, 7 year old and I are packing our bags for an adventure – we are leaving for Tokyo in the morning. I know the dramatic change of scenery will be good for me and will help lift the grief. I struggled a great deal with euthanizing Rocco, and was angry at having to make that decision. But a few days later on Easter, I am realizing that one of my favorite Sanskrit blessings, which Rocco taught me a lot about, is also about not suffering. Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu – may all beings everywhere be happy and free, and free from suffering.

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