Ride Ollie Ride

Those of you that have small children that watch the Sprout channel know there is a show on there called “dive ollie dive”. So of course I had this refrain going through my head this morning while riding horse Ollie out on the Mt. Ellis trail. Aside from that, today was one of those days when I needed to pinch myself: had an energizing acupuncture session first thing this morning, grabbed a big iced latte and drove about 10 minutes from the coffee place to the Mt. Ellis trailhead just outside of town. How is it I’d not been here yet?! Absolutely stunning. Pinch self. Do I really live here? If I could sing I would have burst into song on the trail. Perfect weather, gorgeous horse under me, the smell of fresh pine, hot pink riding helmet on my head. Here’s Janice and I, both donning hot pink helmets. Happy, happy weekend. More tomorrow before Cowgirl Yoga starts Sunday, on a topic I’ve been neglecting lately: food.