A rockin’ time at the RRR

I’ve been a bad blogger. It happens a few times a year; I get so caught up with livin’ it that I don’t have the time or headspace to write about it. Last week, I took Cowgirl Yoga on the road for the first time, to a dude ranch. It was an exciting and refreshing experience that awakened new possibilities for our program, and for Red Rock Ranch‘s Spa & Fitness Week next year. As I always like to say – yoga makes everything better. My family got to come along for the dude ranch ride, so not only did I get to do the job I love, but husband and 6 year old (5 year old actually turned 6 at the ranch, and was lucky enough to celebrate with a gorgeous horse head cake!) got to participate in the fun. Here are a few of my fave takeaways from this experience:

  • I was awed by everyone who participated in the Spa and Fitness Week. Two of the families that participated have 4 kids. These people were outstanding examples of leading a healthy lifestyle, no excuses. They are teaching their children the importance of good health, and sharing the experience of an active vacation together. So inspiring!
  • My first vaulting lesson was pure joy. I couldn’t stop smiling for hours! It reminded me so much of yoga, and what it felt like that first time you discover how much potential exists between you and that mat…the same goes for the horse-human relationship. I hope to learn more and ultimately incorporate some elements of vaulting into our Cowgirl Yoga program.
  • I also enjoyed my first experiences with square dancing, cow sorting, and team penning – my face hurt from smiling so much! (Picture above is of our team getting the record time of 37 seconds – this after we gave husband a good talking-to when he messed up our first go!)
  • Montana’s beauty may be #1 in my heart, but Wyoming comes in a close second. The picture above was just one of the breathtaking backdrops for all our riding, hiking and yoga.
Enjoy the pix. Yeehaw & Namaste.