Shake it Up

I crashed and burned today. I’m usually pretty full of enthusiasm for everything in my life, but today I started out anxious and overwhelmed (after a crappy night’s sleep, I might add…and I can’t even blame it on the puppy. Maybe I can blame it on being all worried about the puppy?). I could not muster up my usual efficiency to get everything together and hurl myself out the door. So I didn’t. And I’m glad I took a time-out, I needed it. I was pondering this and realized that there’s been a lot of shake-ups in our routine-driven household lately. You know that advice many life-coaches give about the psychological benefits of shaking up your routine and doing things in a different way? Well perhaps we’ve overdosed a bit. Since the new year we’ve had the following changes:

  • Morgane in school all day on Tuesdays – thought it wouldn’t be a big deal but apparently it is
  • I’m teaching a new yoga class on Monday evening – you should know that I rarely leave my cozy nest on weekday evenings…who am I kidding, on weekends too – just call me OMbody (ha ha)
  • A sweet 8-week old girl puppy was added to our family yesterday – need I say more? 
So it shouldn’t be any big surprise that everyone is adjusting to all this new scheduling. For some reason I felt a lot better just acknowledging that. The only constant is change, right? So give yourself a break when your mind and body is craving it, without guilt.