Snowstorms and shifts

It’s definitely a transition time. All of a sudden, last Monday to be exact, we went straight from the perfect fall into winter. We got a significant snowstorm, and another is on the way tonight. It was almost 70 degrees one day, and the next, snowstorm. I’ve always adored the drama of this kind of shift; it’s sort of thrilling. I’m trying hard not to resist a similar shift happening in my personal life as we prepare to head to London for the winter. Although it’s a temporary move and we’ll be back home in Montana in the spring, there is so damn much to do. And I’m still waking up in the night wondering about things like, how will I get presents from Santa for my daughter, if she won’t be in school and is going to be with me the entire month of December?! I know, I could have worse things to worry about.

Life brings change. How many people have put pen to paper on this theme over the centuries? The weather’s changed, we’re shifting from riding season into ski season (even though I’ll be missing the latter, boo!), my family is shifting its home to a faraway place. Every time I start to panic, I remind myself how much angst comes from the anticipation of change. If we just live it, like Nike says, just do it, it’s so much better. I’m tapping into my yoga practice for some of that inspiration, and looking forward to shifting from teaching into focusing completely on my own practice for the time we are away. More to come on my London yoga adventures (and otherwise), I’m sure.
Pictured above are the Bridger mountains after last week’s storm, all pretty in pink. Click on the image to enlarge for the full p.i.p. effect.
And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
-Anais Nin