Sweet surprise in my Xmas tree

Yes, in, not under, my Christmas tree. We cut down our tree this year in the Gallatin National Forest, and it’s a beaut. We got a spectacular 12 foot tree for $5, the cost of the permit. (You can read more about the last time we did this here.) We didn’t notice until we were loading it up that our tree had a sweet surprise nestled in it – a very elaborate birds’ nest. I was of course aghast at the possibility that we just took someone’s home…but I am hopeful it was in fact abandoned back in the fall, and that whatever talented birds built it will create an even better nest should they return to the same neighborhood in the GNF.

When we decorated the tree, we placed some egg ornaments in the nest, some bird ornaments around it, and said a blessing for the bird family who used to live in it. And I feel blessed that this little treasure is part of our holiday this year. Every day when we turn the tree lights on, I look for it and smile.