Top Gifts with a Twist

It’s been a weekend of friends over for dinner and snow/sub-zero temps. Perfect for staying inside and cooking up comfort food all day. Since I’ve been good about adhering to one of my suggested experiential gifts – the gift of a nice meal and time together – I have to admit that I’ve found a few material goods I just can’t resist. BUT, the twist is, they all go hand in hand with an experience. So I’m feeling kind of proud of myself for sticking with the theme, and getting to indulge in a little traditional Christmas shopping. You’ve still got 10 days!

This adorable little book includes 1,001 gems related to yoga practice, philosophy, history, you name it, a “treasure trove of yoga”. So fun to flip through for instant inspiration and yogic reminders, any time you’re craving either. Experience add-on: spark discussions with other yogis.
The Manduka eKO yoga mat. This is my favorite yoga mat, ever. And I’ve tried a lot of yoga mats. It’s super thick, has superior grip (the least amount of slippage potential I’ve experienced) with a very cool texture they call “sea-grass”. Best of all, it’s eco-friendly, made from non-Amazon harvested natural tree rubber and not PVC or toxic plasticizers (yuk-doesn’t that just sound nasty?). Comes in lovely, calming colors – I’ve got moss. Be forewarned, it’s heavy, but worth its weight in gold. Experience add-on: a gift certificate for yoga classes.
Table Topics. Fun conversation starter question cards in categories like gourmet, family, and general. I can’t wait to bust these out over Christmas with my husband’s family. Experience add-on: learn new stuff with family and friends.
Buddha Bowl. OK, I know, it’s just a combo bowl/mug with a great name, but I fell hard for the description: Designed to nestle with perfect comfort in the palm of your hand, the Buddha Bowl allows you to enjoy rice, tea, soup, cereal, and hot cocoa with ease. Slip your thumb through the hole, seat the bowl in your hand, and experience the Zen of sublime, tranquil simplicity. Experience add-on: dress-up your rituals of coffee, tea, comfort food.