Travel Yoga

Just back from our last travel hurrah, a weekend in Provence. I know, life is tough. But know what? I’m ready to go home. I’m a bit travel weary. And the countdown is on – we’re heading hOMe on the range in less than two weeks. We’ve got lots of plans to finish off our time in London with flourish, so I’m doing my best not to leap ahead just yet so I can fully enjoy it. Even though I can’t help thinking about mountains, my dogs, horses…and the exciting summer of Cowgirl Yoga ahead!

I’m finishing off strong with my daily classes at Jivamukti London. I’ve been super spoiled with this, and as a result I definitely felt the absence of yoga when I traveled these last few months. So, my latest yoga tutorial on the Athleta Chi, Travel Yoga Practice, was created to address on-the-road yoga cravings, to keep body and mind in top travel shape. This mini-practice will help counter the toll travel can take, and keep yoga cravings in check until you can get to class again (or until you are traveling to a yoga retreat!). Enjoy your journeys, yoga and otherwise!
Garudasana, eagle pose, is part of my travel yoga practice. This photo was taken in the mountains of Morocco, with North Africa’s highest peak in the background.