Treat Myself Tuesday

I decided on another theme for this holiday week, in addition to being thankful. Something that sometimes we should do but don’t over holidays: treat ourselves. It doesn’t have to be anything big. On this pre-Thanksgiving Tuesday, I got to go to yoga class at the time I usually teach back in Boz, I rode the carousel with Morgane (pictures to come – because you have to see it, it’s the happiest place ever – horses going round and round, bright colors, organ music. You just cannot go there and not end up in a good mood), and then we headed to my fave food place here in Missoula, the Good Food Store. I’m one of those foodie people that thoroughly enjoys going to different grocery stores when away from home. And the GFS is a big treat; it’s not my cozy Co-Op, my home-away-from-home, where I end up almost every day for some reason. (One day last week, someone who works there said to me, quite sincerely, “It’s a bright spot in my day to see your lovely smile”. We then proceeded to discuss the shopping strategy of having staples on hand and then purchasing a smaller list of fresh ingredients each day depending on what we’re in the mood to make.) The GFS is closer to Whole Foods, but before you cringe, here is their mission statement: The Good Food Store is a non-profit corporation dedicated to supporting a healthy community. We provide a wide selection of organic food and natural products, conduct our business in an ethical and respectful manner and donate to organizations in need.

So, while surrounded by multiple temptations, I decided to pursue the Thanksgiving treat theme with a few indulgent purchases. Both products are from Aura Cacia. Morgane wanted a new bubble bath flavor, so we enjoyed a lot of sniffing to select one and decided on the Heart Song natural aromatherapy bubble bath, sweet rose aroma, in a lovely apothecary-style bottle. I am going to find some dried rose petals to scatter in the bath so she and I can take a princess bath together. Then I couldn’t resist trying one of the spray mist testers, since it is a post-yoga habit of mine to refresh by spraying my face. I was instantly sold on the Cinnamon Ylang Ylang. Yum. And perfect for the wintertime.

Find some small ways to treat yourself this holiday week, and please share if you come up with some good ones!