Valentine’s Partner Yoga 1-Pose Wonder

Happy Valentine’s Day! I decided to splurge this weekend – after a week of no activity due to lingering back trouble, I’m just savoring the decadence of this holiday with cupcakes, chocolate and cookies. And instead of skiing, I watched the Olympics. And you know what, I don’t even feel guilty. But I do look forward to getting back on track this coming week, on the mat and the slopes.

Meanwhile, what better day than Valentine’s for a partner yoga one-pose wonder? Each position in partner child’s pose stretches out different parts of your back. It’s also incredibly soothing to synch your breath with your partner’s. We do this on our retreats, and it’s always interesting to see the initial hesitation; I think everyone gets worried they are going to crush the person under them! (I had the same concern, but after doing this with all sorts of people I know better. That’s me pictured above, crushing some poor Cowgirl Yogini last summer.) You can be a different height and weight than your partner, but just make sure it’s not extreme (i.e., one person being 6’4″ and the other 4’10”). Give this one a try, I guarantee the warm fuzzies, plus a lovely back opener too.

Partner Child’s Pose

  • Decide who is on top and who is on the bottom; bottom person takes child’s pose.
  • Top person carefully and gently sits down just below bottom person’s sacrum; the important thing is to align your sacrums when top person lays down, so sitting just below bottom person’s sacrum will make that happen.
  • Top person uses hands for support to slowly lay down on bottom person.
  • Top person reaches arms overhead to take bottom person’s hands.
  • Stay here for 10 deep breaths, maybe more.
  • Top person slowly sits up – don’t roll off to the side, use your legs and arms to help you sit straight up. Try not to “collapse” all your weight into your rear as you sit up.
  • Switch top and bottom and repeat.

Love and Namaste.