Who is the face of Cowgirl Yoga?

Wanted to share this amazing slideshow that answers the question, Who is the face of Cowgirl Yoga? For the last five years, our photog Larry has been coming out on retreat to take photos of our cowgirl yoginis. They never fail to be oooooo and aaaahhhhh worthy each year…so I thought it was high time for a “best of” compilation.

Larry wrote this about putting together the slideshow in his recent blog post:

As I was editing these images, I was stopped in my tracks. It was the face of lovely Su, who is no longer with us. She was a breast cancer survivor that had been nominated to the Cowgirls vs. Cancer Retreat that I donate my services to. All of a sudden this slide show took on a whole new meaning for me. It reminded me to enjoy every moment that we are given and be grateful for the rising and setting of the sun each day.

So enjoy the faces of all of these great women, but most especially the last bright smiling face of Su at the top of the page and most fittingly, at the very end.

So what does a cowgirl yogini look like? Any and all women who love yoga, horses, and Montana. If you could see yourself here…we only have ONE spot left on B-LUXE Cowgirl Yoga this season (and we just had an opening on the sold out June 11-14 LUXE CY if you want to grab it!) There are still two spots on September’s Cowgirl Yogatography. Hope to meet you in Montana, and have you join the faces of Cowgirl Yoga.

Yeehaw & Namaste.Slideshow by Larry Stanley Photography