Wilsall, Montana

Ever heard of Wilsall? I hadn’t either, but it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite places. It is also going to be the location for our summer ’09 Cowgirl Yoga Camp weekend retreats. Janice, our Cowgirl Yoga head wrangler, has her ranch there. Last Friday I took another visiting DC friend out beyond the Bridgers for an afternoon of snowy horseback riding, and on Saturday, my fave yoga photog Larry Stanley took engagement pictures for a couple from Boise at the ranch. I’d like to think I had something to do with the latter; the couple contacted me at Larry’s suggestion as they wanted horses to be part of the shoot, and I in turn put them in touch with Janice. It makes me smile when something like this occurs, because to me it’s a reiteration of how yoga brings people together that would never otherwise meet. Check out Larry’s blog to view some of the stunning photos. 

Here are some interesting Wilsall facts: Wilsall is located in the beautiful Shields River Valley, nestled between the Crazy Mountains to the east, the Bridger Mountains to the west and the Absaroka Mountains to the south. Located directly in the Shields Valley River Basin, home of the oldest archeological dig in North America, is the Anzick Site, dating back to 11,500 years ago. In 1968, it was discovered that the late Ice Age peoples left over 100 red ocher covered stones and the bone artifacts of a two year old child at the most prominent land feature in the center of the Shields River Valley Floor located near Wilsall. 
Here’s Chris, Raven, Flash, and I on our ride.