Winter Wonderland: an opportunity for Wellness

Our Winter Wonderland and Wellness retreat last weekend had a little bit of everything: horses (plus an action-packed equine jailbreak with a happy ending, thanks to the combined round up skills of everyone present), Cowgirl Yogatography, the usual amazing food, yoga and yoga philosophy, tons of tea. But the most wonderful of all was waking up to the return of winter on Saturday, with a fresh blanket of white. It felt like Christmas. I know the East coast is tired of the white stuff…but it never fails to take my breath away.

Another highlight for me was presenting with The Tea Spot‘s founder Maria on Tea and Yoga: A Blend Steeped in History, Health and Spirit. Here’s my quote from their press releaseOur talk on the connection between tea and yoga was so much fun to prepare and present. Both are mystical and medicinal, both are special practices that take the tea drinker/yogi away from the daily grind for a soothing break. We took two good things and brought them together to amplify their power and potential for healing. Tea and yoga share health benefits and a rich history, and both have compelling stories as to why everyone should make them part of their lives – but uniting them in the quest for better health is even more compelling. And as you can see, I look pretty excited. I used to hate speaking in front of people. Now I do it all the time and adore it; it makes a big difference when you are sharing your passion. I can actually feel it coming from the heart. 

Our little slice of cozy warm winter wellness included: tea sipping, yoga practicing, a little Ayurveda in the form of lollipops (more on that coming soon), more tea and a tea meditation, more yoga, fresh falling snow, horses, horses escaping, horses in the snow, cooking lessons, fantastic food, the company of women. What’s not to love? 

On this retreat I was reminded of how many opportunities we have to improve our health and wellness; it was inspiring and invigorating. And yes, we can probably make even more excuses as to why we don’t have the time, energy, etc. to make that effort. But when you spend a weekend focused almost entirely on this intention – you can take it back and infuse your daily life with it. One of our repeat retreaters recently said: It is an impossibility for you to not love your life after spending a weekend with Big Sky Yoga Retreats. Quite possibly the best compliment we’ve ever received. 


Photos by Larry Stanley & his Winter Wonderland Yogatographers