Yellowstone for the Day: because I can

I had thought that last week was going to be quiet. I had plans to catch up with friends, put the finishing touches on our upcoming Cowgirl Yoga season, and spend some quality time with my daughter. I ended up doing all that, but also enjoyed a surprise visit from a cousin I’d only met as a baby (I was the baby), and went on a whirlwind day trip through Yellowstone Park with Morgane. As much as I love planning, it’s often the unplanned events that feel the most thrilling.

Reason #491 why I love living in Bozeman: you can go to Yellowstone Park just for the day. We went through the North entrance and came out the West entrance, which is a route I often recommend to our retreaters that add on extra days here. We experienced all 4 seasons while in the park (although it was a little light on summer, I must say). I tell our retreaters to pack with this in mind, no matter what time of year they are coming. They often think I am kidding, but being prepared for all 4 seasons in one day, any day of the year, is the best way to enjoy Montana.

It’s baby time in Yellowstone, and we saw a black mama bear with 2 tiny cubs, lots of buffalo babies (check out this recent NYT article about Yellowstone buffalo and Ted Turner), and an elk cow with the cutest little guy who had super spindly legs. Our main event of the day was the Lower Falls, Yellowstone’s highest waterfall at 308 feet. We also joined the Yellowstone Association. Hoping to bring you many more pix of this amazing park in the months to come.