Yoga Interference

Today has felt like a struggle. One of our best friends arrived from DC for a visit yesterday, my husband just returned today from a biz trip to Japan, and Morgane is just a tad unruly after returning home from her grandparents’. So my head hasn’t been in the game today. Furthermore, was very much looking forward to much needed yoga class this afternoon, only to have my post-Japan babysitting plans for my husband foiled by a meeting he had to attend (“really?” I asked. “Don’t these people know that you just flew from Japan to MONTANA?!”). So I sent DC friend off to class with my yoga mat, feeling a bit sorry for myself. 

Then I got a phone call from a woman whose background noise sounded familiar – kids vying for her attention. She was calling to inquire about our retreats, and our conversation turned to her own business, and I immediately felt a connection to a kindred soul. She is a yoga teacher who specializes in yoga for athletes, and recently started a super cool t-shirt business as well. She mentioned something about the challenge of finding time to do her yoga practice, as well as balance it all – practice, business, kids, family life. She gave me her website, and reading her story I forgot about my missed yoga practice, my cranky post-Japan hubby, the business challenges I am currently facing – and I just felt INSPIRED. Yes, we all have a lot going on, but that shouldn’t mean a life devoid of inspiration. Now I am trying to figure out ways to not only convince her to come on a retreat so I can meet her, but also find a way we can work together. Thank you, Alyssa, for reinvigorating me this afternoon. Find out more about her at, her t-shirts are featured in the October issue of SHAPE mag too.