Yoga & Yellowstone

Whenever I’m preparing things for a new retreat, I know it’s going to be a good one when I start getting excited. Like I’m planning my own vacation (vs. planning other people’s vacations, which is a big part of my job). This past year, I’ve fallen deeply in love with Yellowstone National Park, which we are fortunate enough to have in our backyard. I’ve been deeply affected by what it represents – a connection to the timelessness of nature, and the importance of preserving it. It’s quite similar to the connection to something inside myself, that actually goes way beyond the self, forged through yoga. Et voil√† – our Yoga & Yellowstone retreat is born. I think it’s going to be a potent combination.

I never tire of seeing the animals that inhabit this special place. I get chills down my spine when I hear elk bugling. I feel like a little kid marveling at waterfalls and strange, surreal geysers and fumaroles, and every time I see these things I feel a connection to the lucky people over time who have also stood before them. These connections to nature awaken our senses. Yoga awakens our senses. I cannot wait to see what happens when we get to experience both, and lucky me – I get to share this experience with others.

The idea behind Y&Y is to let the natural harmony of Yellowstone weave its way into our yoga practice. We will take the pursuit of balance beyond the yoga mat, and experience other influences that can lead to better balance in our lives. Check out the B Bar Ranch, where Y&Y will take place (pictured above!). If you’re seeking a unique, soul-soothing getaway, look no further. Hope you will join us in early October. Namaste.