Training Tips: Part 3

Advanced Yoga & Hiking

Add to Your Training Plan

You’re in the home stretch!

In this final phase of your training you should be working up to your goal. Two weeks before your trip, your long workouts should be at 90-100% of the distance, duration, and elevation gain that our hikes will cover.

For this retreat:

  • Your first hike will consists of 6 miles and will take approximately 4 hours.
  • Your peak hike on Saturday is a 12-mile roundtrip and a full-day trek, topping out at 9,200 feet in elevation.

To ensure you’re ready, continue with the workouts previously laid out in part one and part two, while increasing time and intensity.

Remember, the climb is only half of the workout; you still need to have enough energy to get back down! Strong quads and hips will help you on the descent.

In these final weeks, emphasize maintaining your fitness level and preventing injury. Focus on mental preparation, check over your packing list and set aside 1-2 rest days before you travel.

Congratulations for committing to a healthy lifestyle. Now, it’s time to enjoy all that Montana and the great outdoors has to offer!

Safe travels. We will see you in Big Sky soon!

Jen White
Ridge Athletic Club
Bozeman, MT

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