Cowgirl Yogatography 2016 – A Grand Mix of Yoga, Horses & Photography


A guest post from our own Montana Yoga Photographer and Cowgirl Yogatography guru, Larry Stanley

Greetings from Montana!

We are heading into the 2016 Cowgirl Yoga retreat season, and I am excited once again to be co-teaching our Cowgirl Yogatography retreat this September with Margaret. It is by far one of the highlights of my summer schedule of photography. I am passionate about what I do, and I would love to share that passion and my years of experience with you. Cowgirl Yogatography is a grand mix of yoga, photography, creative thought, meditative exploration, visual acquisition, and perhaps the most powerful of all…the opportunity to make a pilgrimage to Montana.

The spirit of pilgrimage is an amazing thing. It is all about venturing out on a journey. A journey with genuine intent to understand, to find something, perhaps a new way of SEEING or even rediscovering a piece of yourself that has been missing for a while. Photography is a revealing tool to take on your life journey. I believe this practice of looking for something special with your camera leads one down the road to discovery. After many years of photography I am still thrilled by this process, and always surprised to see what I find.

Hope you enjoy these fun and fantastic discoveries from past Yogatography retreats. I invite you to join us for 2016 Cowgirl Yogatography to make your own. Namaste.









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