12 Days of Yoga Gifts

For the first day of yoga gifts my true self gave to me…

Happy first day of December! If you’re not already in full holiday throttle, you’ll probably get there soon…so how about some encouragement to savor stillness, even if it’s just tiny little bites, to help you stay grounded while the season swirls all around you (and may at times threaten to knock you down).

I always loved the song the 12 days of Christmas; the repetition lends it a soothing chant-like quality. And I might add, who doesn’t love the image of a partridge in a pear tree? A few Christmases ago when 6 year old was a toddler, it was her favorite song, which cemented its status for me. This year I wrote an article for the Athleta Chi inspired by this tune: 12 Days of Yoga Gifts. Head on over to the Chi to learn how to give yourself some small yoga gifts that pack a big pranic punch: 2 books with healthy tips in small packages (perfect for short holidaze attention spans); 2 bountiful blessings; 2 mudra meditations; 4 balancing one-pose wonders to keep you grounded; and looking ahead with your third eye — a few yoga intentions to inspire you for 2012. Add it up and you’ve got 12 Days of Yoga Gifts, just for you. Let me know what you think by posting your comments there.
Happy Holidaze!
Photo by Larry Stanley, taken at Bozeman’s Your Yoga studio