2 days left to nominate for our 2016 Cowgirls vs. Cancer retreat!

We are nearing the end of our 2016 Cowgirls vs. Cancer retreat nomination time – the deadline is November 15. If you or someone you know is a breast cancer thriver, what are you waiting for? You have all weekend, just do it. Here’s something to motivate you – a testimonial from one of this year’s cancer kickin’ cowgirls, Cynthia.

A week after being home from the 2015 Cowgirls vs. Cancer retreat I was ready to return to my mat. I was feeling emotional…the moment I stepped on my pink JADE yoga mat (one of the many gifts we were given), my eyes filled up with tears. I was instantly taken back to Montana. My teacher began by saying “we all want to be connected, right? but, to what?” After spending 3 days at Big Sky Yoga Retreats, I knew I wanted to be connected to: love, nature, yoga, horses, family and friends. This retreat allowed us to make deeper connections, trust, listen, understand and accept. We cared about each other and cared for each other. This came at the perfect time when I needed a little extra love and good vibes.

Cowgirls vs. Cancer gave me something that I’ll treasure for the rest of my life. It was filled with magnetic women who radiate an appreciation for life. We grew very close very quickly. We shared our triumphs, journeys, tears, laughs and even our breasts!

I discovered that this entire experience was a process for me. I felt like I was coming back to my home life and yoga mat as a brand new person. I learned so much during the retreat, and I needed to figure out how to fit it into my life. Feeling safe, appreciated, trusted, and accepted are things I want in my life. The coolest thing is that I found these qualities with humans and horses in Montana.

There was a beautiful balance of yoga and horses each day. I felt the support of my horse below me and my mat under me. We seamlessly went from a light flow yoga to a walk with our horse. Both were a slow moving, feel-it-in-your-bones kind of experience that made me feel connected to nature. I’ll always stay close to nature. It’s a great healer!

My life has taken a huge turn for the better. Being at the Double T River Ranch surrounded by love…can change everything. It did for me! Thanks to Cowgirl vs. Cancer my heart and soul now shine a little brighter.