Cowgirl Yoga 2015 Gift Guide

It always feels like a precipitous dropoff after Thanksgiving, as we careen towards Christmas and the end of the year. It becomes a race to cram it all in: all the stuff we wanted to file under 2015, the holiday cheer, the shopping list. And yes, we can get all wound up that the holidays should not just be about gifts, the extravagant excess of American consumerism, etc. etc. – but unless you are a total Scrooge, you probably need to buy a few presents. And really, let’s simplify things with this truth: it can be fun and feel good to give someone a gift. I enjoy it. You know you’re a grown up when you get more joy out of giving than receiving.

I’ve definitely had fun hand-picking some CY-themed gift giving ideas to share. And you can put them on your own wish list, or just give yourself a gift. I was not bribed in any way to feature these, I did it for the love of good product and inspiring innovation. (Reminder that I did product development in the beauty industry, in my previous work life.) And most of these suggestions are from small businesses owned by women. I dig that.

Yogi Surprise.
I’ve been intrigued with this monthly subscription “yoga retreat in a box” since it started. There is an overwhelming plethora of yoga products out there – and I think YS does a fine job of keeping it classy. No strange items found in ads in the back of Yoga Journal are featured in their selection of products that “range from handcrafted yoga accessories and natural beauty items to herbal tonics, organic snacks and super food essentials.” There’s a Yoga Jewelry or Yoga Lifestyle option to choose from.

If you love yoga, you probably love yoga lifestyle items – unless you live in a (non Yogi Surprise) box. It’s inspiring to have a care package to look forward to, that will remind you to nurture your well-being each month. You can give/get 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions, and YS is offering discounts and free shipping right now.

One Horse Threads.
After discovering this apparel for equine enthusiasts, I’m putting the “Four Hooves Move the Soul” tee on the Cowgirl Yoga retreat packing list. My other fave is the J’Adore Horses lightweight sweatshirt.

I admit that I’m more likely to hit the buy button when I find something I love is made by a woman-owned business that represents the founder’s passion. We are thrilled that OHT will be donating to our 2016 Cowgirls vs. Cancer goodie bags, and to unite our passion for horses with theirs.

The Tea Spot’s 7 Days of 6 Detox Teas.
I love the idea of detoxing before New Year’s. Why wait? It’s like yoga, every effort adds up (more on holiday detox via yoga coming very soon). The founder of The Tea Spot Maria and I have partnered in more ways than one: we created a talk called Tea & Yoga: A Blend Steeped in History, Health, & Spirit, that we presented at the 2015 Tea Expo and share on our Winter Wonderland & Wellness retreat; Cowgirls vs. Cancer is part of their 10% Pledge.
Get 20% off your Tea Spot order with the code BIGSKYYOGA.

EQ Wear custom-made riding pants. Three words: had. to. have. Yet another woman-owned biz, EQ Wear makes riding pants sexy. Their motto resonates: Ride Well. Look Good. Feel Great. Who wouldn’t want to do all of the above? I opted for the custom jeans. In an interesting twist, I’m wearing them here with my new horse, Morocco, who I got from the woman who created…

The Freedom Belt. 
Perfect for riding and travel, we therefore dub it an official Cowgirl Yoga accessory. Get your freedom back! This super chic belt is made from the softest goatskin and holds the iPhone 6, money, keys, credit cards, lipstick…leaving your hands free. One button pocket and one zipper pocket plus two loops and two slip pockets. It was designed as a flattering, functional way to hold essentials, when you need to be holding something else. Comes in eggplant, black, and tan (pictured). Small 39″, Medium 42″, Large 45″. $175, and $25 of each belt sold is donated to Cowgirls vs. Cancer. We will have them for sale on all 2016 retreats, or you can order by emailing

Happy gift giving! Yeehaw & Namaste.