A few of my fave midwinter Montana things

It’s about that time when the midwinter blahs can set in. We don’t really get much of a spring here in Montana, and since the yellow-bellied marmot in Yellowstone Park did not see her shadow, we are truly at the midway mark, at best. Time to make the most of it with a few of my fave midwinter things…all of which we enjoyed on our Winter Wonderland & Wellness retreat a few weeks ago. You can too, as they are all made in Montana, but available online.

  • Hildegard’s Midwinter Incense, by Hill Botanical. I just love that this comes from a 12th century recipe. Warm your sense of smell with juniper, cinnamon and cloves, frankincense and myrrh. 
  • A Wizbang hat, to keep your head warm and toasty, but not too much. You will never wear itchy wool again. Our obvious favorite is Cowgirl Paisley
  • Embrace Valentine’s Day with some of the most exquisite chocolate I’ve ever had – yes, from Montana. Many of our retreaters have gotten hooked on La Chatelaine Chocolat (pictured, all dressed up for Valentine’s). We did our first truffle making workshop with them on Winter Wonderland, and it was such a success that we are hoping to add it to a few other retreats this year. My fave winter flavor is Azteca.

And…I’m writing a new tutorial for the Athleta Chi on a yoga one-pose wonder for winter, so stay tuned for that too. What are your favorite things that help you beat the midwinter blahs…? Post your suggestions, please! Namaste.