My Windhorses

Amidst all the winter fun, I’ve realized how much I miss the horses. Especially my Dude Boy (pictured), and my new horse Java. I haven’t really gotten to know Java that well yet, so I am excited for him to be my “spring fling”. I know the boys are enjoying their time off over at the Cowgirl Yoga ranch, and I look forward to reuniting in the early spring to start preparing horses and humans for our 2013 CY season.

Meanwhile, I got something to ease the little pangs in my heart as their absence makes it grow fonder…a windhorse wrist mala from the Dharma Shop. Love this definition of the Tibetan Windhorse, from a book called Horse As Teacher: The Path to Authenticity:

A Tibetan allegory, it represents the strength of the human soul, with two components: the first being the wind, or chi, the equivalent of our life force energy or vitality, and secondly, the horse, which symbolizes strength and the ability to overcome life’s obstacles. Windhorses bring with them an ancient truth and deep spiritual awareness, and by connecting to this inner wisdom of the horse, we can come to intimately know ourselves. 

I love the idea of wearing this around my wrist, keeping my horses and all that they represent close to me. This Cowgirl Yoga, it’s an ancient idea in a modern package. The horse-human connection is heightened by our yoga practice in ways I can’t put into words, that often is expressed through tears. Good, pure tears, that are straight from the heart; maybe I am brought to tears by the realization of my own potential for happiness through these gifts of horses and yoga. Yeehaw and Namaste to that.