Cowgirl Yogatography

Speaking of horses…we gave our Fall Yogatography retreat a makeover. If you like yoga + horses + photography, you will love Cowgirl Yogatography. What a great mix for getting a firm grip on your creative side, and tapping into the potential that practicing yoga and connecting with horses can awaken. The beautiful boys of the CY herd have agreed to be our models, if we promise to pet and groom them.

We explore the horse-human connection on our Cowgirl Yoga retreats; we will take that exploration to a new level on Cowgirl Yogatography, as we learn to cultivate a creative connection to our equine photo subjects. Doing yoga makes you see things differently – we will ignite our creative spark on the mat, and apply it to how we capture on camera the beauty of the Montana landscape and its equine inhabitants.

I could sit and look at horses for hours; I could also sit and look at horse photography on Pinterest for hours. On Cowgirl Yogatography we will create our own personal vision board and album to remember how we felt being with these stunning animals, and how yoga encourages us to see things with clearer vision. It’s the best souvenir ever. And, you’ll also take home new photography skills to help you better capture future memorable moments on film.

Mention this blog post and you’ll get 10% off this retreat! Meet us on the mat in Montana this October, with your cowgirl hat and camera. Yeehaw & Namaste.