Behind the scenes: my at-home yoga studio, part II

The floor installers are doing their finishing touches as I type this. Susie of Envi Design is Buddha shopping in NYC (more on that later). My new home yoga studio has reached a key turning point: I will be able to christen it with a practice this very weekend. (If you missed installment one, read it here.) I am daydreaming about what that practice will feel like. Yeah I know, you can do yoga anywhere – but I’ll also be the first to tell you that sometimes where you do it makes all the difference. I’ve owned a yoga studio and rolled out my mat in some beautiful places, but there is something about this that feels like mine. As in, Mine. Husband said something about moving his stationary bike in there and installing a flat screen tv…ohhhhhhh nooooooo. Mine, all mine.

It’s been a lot of coordinating people and having them hang out at our house for hours (painter, floor installation guys) who have all had tons of hardware questions I didn’t have answers for. There’s been a lot of banging and funky smells. I’m one of those people that has a hard time visualizing what works-in-progress will ultimately look like once finished…but 6 year old and I kept peeking in and squealing about the dark pink ceiling, the pieces of lovely dark bamboo floor. I could see it. I could see myself on my mat in there. Very “bliss den”, indeed (as Susie is calling it).
Do you like design details? Check out Susie’s blog post on colors and materials selections. And while beginning a new phase of my yoga practice in this beautiful, thoughtfully planned space is exciting enough – the last design installment may be even more so: think east meets west. Like Buddhas and horses and lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu, all in one room. Like Cowgirl Yoga and Yeehaw & Namaste. Stay tuned.
p.s. Can’t wait for Susie’s workshop on how to zen your home at next weekend’s Winter Wonderland & Wellness yoga retreat! I’ll definitely report back on that here on the blog.