My January love list

My love list right now:

Winter. As in the season, which has returned to Montana recently (although we could certainly use more), and as in the book Winter: Five Windows on the Season that I just started reading and am loving by Adam Gopnik.
1st grade. I wish it would last forever. My daughter makes my heart ache with her love and life truths. Last night, she asked me where my heart was, and then identified where hers was. She then proceeded to hug me so that our hearts touched. Big. Lump. In. Throat.
Stargazing. On clear winter nights, we have a stellar (haha) view of Jupiter and the constellation Orion. It’s become habit to look for them when I wake up during the night.
Big Sky Skiing. This goes hand in hand with the winter thing…I forgot how much fun it is to play in the snow after missing last year’s ski season while we were in London.
Chair lift chatting. I also forgot how much fun it is to meet people on the chair lift, and when they ask what I do, tell them about Cowgirl Yoga and see their fascinated reaction.
Snowshoeing. Who knew it could be 1. so much fun 2. such a great workout? We recently snowshoed Beehive Basin, one of the hikes on our fall Eat Pray Love Yoga retreats. That’s the basin pictured above.
Eagles. We’ve seen countless bald eagles this winter, up to 8 in a single day. I take it to be a good omen.
Eagle, the yoga kind. I was recently craving eagle pose, and ended up in a Bikram class (which is a rare occurrence for me). Confession: it felt so good that I bought a pass, and am planning to go once a week this winter.
Athleta’s Chaturanga Tight. I’m really not a tights kind of girl, but I’ve fallen for these. They are soft, supple, and amazingly enough for a tight, don’t feel too revealing. I am wearing them to the gym, to practice yoga, with my winter boots. I wish I could wear them everyday.
Cowgirl Cab. The latest addition to our retreat wine menu. Which we are going to sip during our cooking lesson on this weekend’s Winter Wonderland & Wellness retreat.
What’s on your love list so far for 2012?