COWGIRL Chic 101

Here’s an intro to Cowgirl Chic by contributing fashion editor to COWGIRL Magazine, Mary Donahue. Mary is a yoginista, and the trail partner of a spunky, go anywhere, try anything palomino piece of equestrian eye candy named Teardrop…and she’s here to inspire you to rock your inner cowgirl. Thanks Mary!If you’re reading this blog, you already have what it takes: spunk, compassion, independence, integrity; we’re just going to have some fun expressing these qualities in true cowgirl style! In doing so we will live our values, spice up our relationships and serve as a model for our sisters, particularly those younger in age, spirit or circumstance as they find their universal paths.Here are two cowgirl inspired looks that are right on trend to try today:Summer dress with cowboy boots. You’ve seen it, maybe you’ve already rocked it; it works for everybody. Mix a floaty, sheer or cottony-feeling dress with a heavier boot—this contrast in textures is a must. A mini will up the sexy scale and show off higher boots for those who have the equipment ;). When temperatures dip, add a retro sweater or barn jacket on top and some leggings underneath (tip: don’t try the leggings look with an all white dress). Still not sure, try one of my examples below:

  • Urban hipster: chiffon leopard print mini dress/skirt with Old Gringo or Falconhead boots-hot!
  • Traditionalist: white cotton or eyelet “Marianne” dress with vintage Dan Post boots or a sassy Luchesse pair. A print dress can also work. For extreme fashion versatility, a neutral buckskin, caramel, or chocolate color boot is a good choice.
  • Ranch gal: emblazoned tee, canvas skirt and Ariat boots (red ropers?). Not for branding day or splitting logs, but a comfortable and stylish alternative to our daily jeans for mucking and a trip into town.
  • Formal affair: A hand-stitched, couture ball gown in super soft deer suede and a custom pair of robin-hood style boots by Montana Dreamwear will wow ‘em in New York, Nashville, Sedona or Bozeman. Don’t forget the MD hat…these are the most fantastic creations in the Milky Way, cowgirls honor.

Yoga, cowgirl style! We at COWGIRL Magazine love to wear the newer bootcut equestrian breeches as yoga pants. They are sturdy, shapely and provide a firmer hold to all parts south than many traditional yoga pants—a nice feel on days when our confidence may not be at top mast. One day after unsuccessfully rooting around the laundry piles for my yoga pants, I slipped these on for a class and a crossover style trend was born! The best ones are technical riding pants, they happily stretch with any asana. Look for breeches made with breathable fabric in a summer or three season weight, especially for you studio sisters. A slightly heavier breech can make an autumn al fresco practice feel very comfortable, especially in the mountain West! (Bikram beware, you might overheat in these). I like to pair a traditional little yoga top with the breeches. Right now I’m wearing a pair of the Kerrits brand microcord bootcut breeches. I like the thin vertical ribbing which helps elongate my 5’4” frame. I tried a dark brown pair and am really happy with them (trying to kick my everything-in-black habit…). Check out the photo of my gorgeous older sis, Deborah Donohue, rocking bootcut style breeches in COWGIRL Magazine (Jan/Feb 2010 issue). Deborah is an in-demand yoga instructor in Santa Barbara and super cute late-bloomin’ cowgirl. Bonus? Chaps and chinks slip right on and off these breeches for a post-practice ride and can also protect the breeches from snags on the trail.

Tell us what cowgirl and yoga looks you’re rocking this summer on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you! And check out COWGIRL magazine…for all things cowgirl cool. Not your daddy’s cowboy magazine! Yeehaw & Namaste.