Cowgirl Yoga visits the Garden of 1,000 Buddhas

You might recall that last fall I posted on the Garden of 1,000 Buddhas here in Montana…yes, in Montana (read that post here). I finally got to this wonderful place last week, with Larry Stanley of Montana Wedding Photographer. We basked in good energy, and let our surroundings inspire some yoga and photography. Even though it’s a work in progress (the 1,000 Buddhas are currently being crafted), it’s already a spiritual setting; and as Larry put it, one of his favorites, next to the Lhasa Tibet and the banks of the Yellowstone River.

Here’s the plan for the 1,000 Buddhas:
1,000 Buddha statues will be placed back to back down the spokes of the Dharma wheel. Each of the handmade concrete statues contains prayers, mantras and blessed substances. 1,000 Buddhas are predicted to appear and teach during this aeon…Buddhas, through many lifetimes as beings practicing compassion and awakening, are those who have perfected the view which liberates us from samsara, the cycle of suffering. They bring blessings, peace and harmony…All beings possess the innate qualities for becoming Buddhas. Buddhists do not worship statues…practitioners bow to the enlightened qualities of loving-kindness and primordial wisdom which have been perfected by those who have become Buddhas…

Just another one of Montana’s many pleasant surprises…for more of Larry’s photos from that evening, visit his blog. Namaste.