CY Ranch Camp Round Up

Once again, there are so many fun things going on, I can’t keep up here on the blog! Last weekend’s Cowgirl Yoga Ranch Camp was a beautiful blend of lovely ladies, perfect Montana summer weather, yoga and horses…and shortly after that finished up, I brought 6 year old to Missoula for a visit with my in-laws combined with yoga photo shoot with MT yoga photog Larry Stanley at the Garden of 1,000 Buddhas in nearby Arlee. Whoa and whew! Stunning images images from that to come. But first, a few of my fave moments at CY Ranch Camp:

  • Top-notch birdwatching: we saw a golden eagle, who kept coming back to the same spot throughout the weekend, for our viewing pleasure; and a pair of sandhill cranes with a baby, doing their eerie call and funky bird walk through the field every morning.
  • Playfully practicing garudasana eagle pose, krounchasana crane pose, vatayanasana horse pose and gomukhasana cow face pose, in honor of the animals we shared the weekend with.
  • A hummingbird visiting our open-air yoga studio while we were meditating the first morning (is there a hummingbird pose…?)
  • Cowboy Ron showing off his hula-hooping skills.
  • “Boss Mare” Janice racing Red (aka Ready Set Go) up Yeehaw hill – an awe inspiring sight, accompanied by the amazing soundtrack of thundering hooves.
  • Me getting to practice dancer pose with my horse Dude Boy during our CY photo session with Larry.
  • Our sunset hike up to photo-op hill, where we were surrounded by views of 3 mountain ranges: the Crazies, the Bridgers, and the Absarokas.
  • A lovefest with the neighbor horse herd at photo-op: they ran over to greet us, and much sniffing, snorting and gentle nibbling ensued.
Happy last Friday of July! Yeehaw and Namaste.