Cowgirl Cupcakes

Because it’s Friday, let’s keep it light as the frosting of a cupcake, and muse upon the following: why is a cupcake the stuff dreams are made of? It’s the perfect dose of sweet, indulgent, and cute. It can turn a day around. It makes you feel like a kid again. Therefore, we are adding Cowgirl Cupcakes to the retreat menu this season.

When we lived in London three years ago, I would tube across town to get cupcakes from a certain place. I mean, they had lavender cupcakes. A year or so ago, a Bozeman couple opened Mountain Cupcakery. The couple is cute, the shop is cute, and needless to say the cupcakes are cute. I can’t seem to stay away. And then one day, it dawned on me: we need Cowgirl Cupcakes. I asked. They delivered. Enjoy this little slice of yeehaw yumminess. Happy Friday.