Cowgirl Yoga goes mermaid

Second half of April and it’s my first post of the month?! But I have a great excuse – I was offline and on vacation, on a boat in French Polynesia. Not kidding. Here’s a picture of me doing mermaid pose in Bora Bora to prove it.

In theory, we all understand the benefits of disconnecting. In practice, it’s tough to implement. It overlaps both business and pleasure. I always struggle with this because I view social media as a means to connect with others – I’ve “met” some pretty cool people I might not have otherwise crossed paths with, and I’ve built my business on this platform. I also always talk about how important it is to find balance with our online connections, like with everything else in our lives. So, I felt a tad disconnected from the familiar without my laptop or cell phone, out at sea. I was a little panicky I’d miss something. But then I looked around me, at the water that was a hundred different shades of beautiful blue – and I jumped in. I snorkeled and swam until I couldn’t any more, and then I read, chatted, ate slowly, and simply stared at the natural beauty that surrounded me. It was a powerful reminder to practice what I preach on our retreats about reconnecting with yourself and nature. I embraced my inner mermaid. And mermaids don’t check email.

In case you missed me as much as I missed you…I’ll make things up to you by offering a special giveaway from Cowgirl Dirt next. Yeehaw & Namaste.