Cowgirl Yoga July Retreat Round Up

A few of my favorite things from last week’s Cowgirl Yoga:

  • Trail riding with our yoga mats tied to the back of the saddles
  • Unidentified animal lumbering across the road in front of us in the Bridger mountains: it took a few moments of stunned silence to figure out it was a black bear
  • Healthy, sustainable, local – did I mention GOOD? – food at Bozeman’s best restaurants
  • Our Cowgirl Yoga comedienne of the week
  • Yoga under the Big Sky in the Bridgers
  • Montana eye candy: Palisade Falls & Fairy Lake
  • Yeehaw moments: cowgirls cantering for the first time at the Ranch, one Cowgirl’s Indian Princess ride
  • Namaste moments: discovering the joys of Ashtanga, pincha mayurasana, and saddle camel
  • MIKE (sorry, you had to be there)

It never ceases to amaze me that this is my job: sharing my favorite things about yoga and Montana. As the retreat leader, I too get to share the excitement and add to my own collection of Montana moments. And I’ve been saying this for years, since I first made yoga my full-time gig and recognized one of its unexpected gifts: I am so very grateful for the new friends I make through yoga that I would never otherwise meet. Yoga makes it all happen. ‘Nuf said. Namaste.