Cowgirl Yoga Vino

Friday afternoon thrills: today I finalized the Cowgirl Yoga wine selection. Have I mentioned how much I adore food and wine…? But I’m definitely no wine snob. I’ve been known to buy wine just for the label. I love trying new wines. Often, husband refuses to drink the wines I select. He has, however, endorsed what has been chosen for Cowgirl Yoga sipping, so not to worry. Here’s what we’ll be savoring on the first retreat of the summer next week:

A selection from Namasté Vineyards, where the spirit of the wine honors the spirit of the vine. Namasté is located in the Willamette Valley in Oregon, and Oregon Pinot Noirs rock (not only am I not a wine snob, but I also lack the fancy wine lingo).

A Cab from 14 Hands in Washington State, named after the wild (and apparently quite small) horses that once made their home on the land upon which 14 Hands grapes are grown. Super eye-catching label too.

A Sauvignon Blanc from Viňa Haras de Pirque in Chile’s Maipo Valley, touted as “the Thoroughbred of Chilean Wines”, and sporting a gorgeous label with a drawing of a thoroughbred horse. Tasting notes from a blog about Chilean wines included the following luscious description: A fresh and elegant wine, made in a fruit-forward style with flavors of fresh herbs, grapefruit, white peach and tropical fruit. Finishes with excellent length and crispness.

That’s what we’ve got to look forward to after a hard day on the mat and in the saddle. Can’t wait!