EMBODYment interview

Just finished up our first Cowgirl Yoga retreat of the summer, highlights and pictures coming shortly. As usual on the day we end a retreat, I am filled with gratitude and amazement at the experience I am able to share with our Cowgirl Yoginis. Before I slip into my post-retreat retreat for a day or two, I wanted to share an interview of me by Teresa, who authors the lovely blog My Embodiment: In the Pursuit of Embodying Mind, Body, and Spirit Wellness, on the topic of yoga and horses. It’s on the longer side, so sit down with a nice cup of tea to read it.

I don’t think I’m spoiling the ending by sharing my answer to her last question with you here, since it captures how I’m left feeling after Cowgirl Yoga, in a nutshell:

Any last words of wisdom you want to leave people with in regards to yoga, horses, or life in general?
A: Keep practicing, keep riding, and let both infuse their life-altering magic into your soul. Nothing else has taught me that life is a journey and we need to enjoy the ride more than yoga and horses. Yeehaw & Namaste.

Back soon, happy Friday.