Cowgirls vs. Cancer 2017


From my interview with Dosha Pops: “All of us have a story about how cancer has affected our lives. My feeling is that we all need to try and do something to make a difference in fighting this disease, and helping those who have it.”

It’s a dark, gloomy day outside, during a dark, gloomy election time. I have a bad cold. I am resisting the urge to crawl back into bed. It feels light years away from the brightness and buoyancy that abounds on our Cowgirl Yoga retreats. Time to lighten the mood with a spotlight on Cowgirls vs. Cancer. Because its mission shines through, no matter how dark the day.

Breast cancer has touched too many of our mothers, sisters, and friends. That’s why we created Cowgirls vs. Cancer, a one-of-a-kind scholarship retreat and 501(c)3 designed to provide solace, rejuvenation, and healing for women battling breast cancer.

I am at times overwhelmed by how we got here. Years of ideas, planning, effort, and people combining their talents is the blood, sweat and tears behind Cowgirls vs. Cancer. We’ve woven our story together with over 60 cowgirl yoginis who have joined us on this annual retreat, to experience holistic healing through yoga and horses in the wilds of Montana.

People often ask me how I got here. Why do you do this, they ask? There doesn’t need to be a logical reason. I believe in dharma, that we are all called to do certain work in our lives. Sometimes I don’t know why I’m doing it, but I trust it. I trust the process, no matter how messy it gets. I’ve been yelled at for only focusing on breast cancer. I’ve welcomed cowgirl yoginis to Montana, and learned of their passing afterwards. I’ve agonized over logistics, financials, and the reality of not being able to bring everyone who deserves it on retreat. But I have never lost sight of the brightness, the weekend each year when I get to see the positive impact we make in a world where cancer is unfortunately part of the landscape.Obviously I can’t do this alone. My heart could burst with love and gratitude for the community we’ve created through C vs. C. We work together all year, not just on retreat. The behind the scenes action reflects our combined dedication to making a positive difference. Grab a cup of tea (from The Tea Spot, of course) and read up on recent news from some of our C vs C partners: